About Jesus House Dyce

Jesus House Dyce is an offshoot of the “Jesus House” family of The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG). Planted in Dyce in 2009, our main goal is to grow spiritually and physically as a Church by connecting with each other and building healthy relationships to impact our community.
It is all about the Church, Connection and Community (the 3Cs)

As a “Church”, we believe in God and His wonderful love for people.
Through the Bible, we promote godliness, respect, good manners and attitude towards living an exemplary life and also, not compromising our mandates which are:

  • To make heaven
  • To take as many people along
  • Live a life of Holiness
  • Preaching throughout the world
  • Plant churches.

To connect and keeping a sustained healthy relationship among ourselves; we engage in activities to include:
Annual Family Games and Fun Day    

  • Weekly House Fellowship
  • Weekly Sunday School
  • Weekly Sunday Service

As we have fun, communicate, share our experiences and learn from one another; connecting together helps in keeping a sustained and healthy relationship.

We recognise that “connections” among ourselves and those around us is essential in promoting our relationship with God. We also believe we are all under the body of Christ and regardless of our race or colour, it is God’s will for all to inherit His Kingdom.


Our Dyce “community” is extremely cherished and we make ourselves available in community development outreach, while also promoting peace and love amongst our neighbourhood. We are involved in activities like:
  • Dyce Community Award Night
  • Youth Outreach Bus Project
  • Care home visitations
  • Engaging Dyce Community Project
  • Annual Musical outreach
  • Dyce Prayer Conference

Simply stated, Jesus House Dyce is the Church in your neighbourhood, we welcome you to come and experience God’s Love.