Our Library

The main purpose of the Jesus House Dyce church library is to support the mission of God. Rita Kirkland, a librarian at First Baptist Church in Euless, Texas, aptly describes a church library as "encircling the ministries in our churches and supporting them with our resources and talents."

The Church's library  stores materials that reinforces our church's message or aids people who want to dig deeper. Our library has also become a place where individuals and families can find entertainment that uplifts spirits and enlightens minds instead of assaulting their values.

The library is not just a place, however. It is also a ministry that requires dedicated volunteers with a heart for people, not just a love of reading. People dealing with the difficult experiences of life, like the loss of a spouse or a wayward teen, often will read a book before they seek counsel.

Individuals with heartbreaking stories after they have explained what kind of book they are looking for; on many occasions, the librarians provide kind words and hugs before leading them to the appropriate shelf. The right book with a Biblical perspective may help people through a bumpy part of life's journey, and it might just help them see their need for pastoral care.